Who I am

Nuccio Ruggia
I started using personal computer in 1984, on the 2 floppy disks Ibm PC. I was beginning to learn Basic, just for fun, after that I had a three months course of Basic, Cobol and Dos, hoping to find a job, but it comes only after 5 years. Was very interesting working for Stacec, not for the salary but for the experience. It was an IBM seller so I’ve learned how to change boards, hard disks, installink Windows 3.11 and so on. Personal computer were not very cheap! When internet era has begun I was a real follower, attracted by graphics and layouts. Not only html was my passion, it has been very funny to deal with databases using Access.
I think that the most beautiful part of this job is that you’ll never get bored becouse you have to update your knowledge at least every 6 month or less expecially regarding seo strategies. Very challenging!!!

My blog: http://nuccioruggia.blogspot.it